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Sleep Habits of City vs Cottage Dwelling

by BrandSource Canada

Sleep Habits of City vs Cottage Dwelling

Nothing soothes the soul better than a sleepover in the country. Far away from crowds, cell towers and traffic will, without a doubt, melt away any stress and give you a great night’s sleep. Planning a camping weekend or renting a cottage does wonder for the body and mind.Breathing in mountain air or hiking in the woods without the distractions of busy city dwelling, even if for just a brief visit will reset your mind, body, and spirit to that place where sleep comes easily, quickly and soundly.

Exchanging traffic sounds when you awake for chirping birds and the smell of smog for blooming wildflowers eases the body into a fresh start to the day. Although you may not be stressed about rushing to work, the body and mind benefit from being in nature almost instantaneously. All your senses succumb to the nightly crickets lulling you to sleep while the mornings in the country are resetting your usual habits of city dwelling. Let’s review a few more benefits.

City Dwellers Lack Space

Condos, high rises, bungalows, and split-levels built close together to make efficient use of land reduces living space to just stretch out and relax. Although some parks are built in many communities, everyone and everything is in such close proximity that your personal space is constantly invaded.

A visit to wide open spaces is the best prescription for better sleep and breaking the cycle of constant noise and pollution.

Cottage Visits Help You Eat Better

Fresh vegetables

Farms and local markets are bountiful in the country which will inspire you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables rather than the processed, canned, or frozen variety typically served during a rushed or late dinner. Eating healthier clearly has many benefits including a better sleep as your body is functioning better.

Great habits can begin during your visits that you can carry over into your city life. Changes won’t happen overnight but regular visits in nature will improve every aspect of your life.

Clean Air is Easily Accessible

Imagine the benefits to your lungs when you stop breathing in exhaust from cars, factories and other pollutants. Studies show that regular walks in nature parks, camping or cottage living support cell reproduction while the body is infused with clean oxygen. Very few people complain about their sleep issues when they sleep away from the city!

Living in the City

Slower Pace

The slower pace while away from the city encourages leisurely activities including meeting and chatting with people in the small communities. Slowing down the pace even if for a short while has the potential for long-term benefits. Although city dwelling has its many advantages, it’s not for everyone and the same goes for cottage dwelling. The takeaway here is to add balance to your life.

Industry and technological progress has kept many people hostage to making a living in these areas for fear of missing out on a comfortable life. What has happened in the process is that many have forgotten to take a break from the “rat race” to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate. Many stress-related illnesses have progressed as quickly as technology has evolved.

If your preference is to be a city-dweller and the country scene is not for you, why not just plan a get-away to breathe in some evergreens or wildflowers, exchange traffic sounds for the sound of birds chirping. Studies show that productivity is increased when one returns from a country get-away. Sleep improves and anxiety is reduced when you step back momentarily to take in nature. Worth a try?

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert