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Why Adjustable Beds Are a Solution for Some Sleep Sufferers

by Gerry

Why Adjustable Beds Are a Solution for Some Sleep Sufferers - L&P

As a couple, we do many things together like cooking and cleaning, as well as shopping and sports. There are things, however, that we do that are uniquely our own, especially when it relates to our sleeping position preferences.

I sometimes need support for my achy knees from sports-related injuries, and my partner suffers from sinus issues and prefers sleeping on a mountain of pillows. Pillows are indeed an easy fix like tucking one or two under the knees to give me the relief that I need.

Recently, however, we purchased an adjustable bed which didn’t require that we change up our bedroom furniture. We have a king-sized frame, so we added two twin XL bases and mattresses with a remote that allows us to adjust to our heart’s content! Before we launched on our search for the best sleeping system for our individual needs, we considered some of the following questions to help make our decision easier.

1. Do you suffer from osteoarthritis or other joint inflammatory symptoms?

Considering that an adjustable bed will allow you to tweak your sleeping position to that perfect spot where there is no pulling or pressure on body parts, this is an ideal solution. I loved that I no longer needed to stuff pillows under my knees to get that proper elevation which would then flatten during the night!

2. Do you suffer from chronic sinus congestion, asthma or allergies?

The best position for your head to be when under pressure from congestion is upright. Forget the pile of pillows under your head when, with a push of a button your bed will elevate your upper body to that perfect position for head pressure relief and sleeping comfort. Snoring

3. Do you snore?

Snoring is never a problem for the snorer, unless it becomes a serious health issue, but more for the non-snorer. Give your partner some relief and easily lift your upper body to release the constriction that occurs in the throat which produces the loud sounds.

4. Do you suffer from acid reflux or enjoy late-night snacking?

That late night need to munch on something just minutes before bedtime is my weakness. When I overindulge, I know that I will have problems with acid reflux keeping me awake. With just a quick adjustment, I can lift the upper part of the mattress and can instantly alleviate the problem. I love adjusting my side of the bed without affecting my partner’s particular sleep needs for that night. Adjustable beds should be in every home!

5. Do suffer from edema or water retention?

Edema is a common disorder where the body retains fluid in the lower extremities like ankles and knees. Most sufferers will wear compression stockings during the day but by sleeping on an adjustable bed, and lifting the bottom half of your mattress to a comfortable level, they can control the buildup while they sleep.


6. Do you suffer from insomnia?

Finding that perfect position to sleep in throughout the night will help alleviate the tossing and turning that insomniacs experience all night long. By adjusting the bed to help cradle you comfortably will relax your body to that point where sleep can come more easily and quickly.

Imagine then that as a couple, you both suffer from one or more of these issues requiring a completely different sleep position, comfort, and support level to help alleviate your unique symptoms. No matter what the quality of foam, fabric, comfort or support level you choose for your standard mattress, the adjustable bed is the only sleep technology that couples can personalize and customize to each of their unique sleep preferences! Stay close but also enjoy your own piece of sleep paradise!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert