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Getting Ready for Overnight Guests During the Holidays

by BrandSource Canada

When December comes around, all thoughts go towards the special holidays like Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah.  For many, this means that visitors will travel far and wide to spend special moments creating new and lasting memories with family and friends.

Whether grandma and grandpa are coming to visit or friends you haven’t seen in years, setting up a dedicated room for their stay will be appreciated for many reasons.  De-cluttering that small room in the back of the house, or making a comfortable space in your basement or attic can turn out to be a great family project with huge rewards.

Turning that old junk ridden space into an oasis for visitors can turn into a private sanctuary for yourself when visitors leave. Reassigning a room temporarily can yield huge rewards when you use the project to clear up unused items. Finally, using a family area can also inspire new decorating ideas when the guests are gone.

Here are some tips:

Declutter and Paint an Unused Room

  1. If the space you are considering is being overrun with junk, then it’s time to donate, recycle or throw it out.
  2. A fresh coat of a light-coloured paint will give the illusion of a wide-open space that will have a lasting impact.
  3. A guest room does not have to be spacious so a double bed for a small space will work very well.
  4. A simple metal bed will also keep the room looking clean and neat.
  5. You may need new sheets and comforter to accommodate your visitors.

Temporarily Re-Assign an Existing Room

If the room you are retrofitting for your guests happens to be a child’s room, what are the possible solutions?

  1. Firstly, remove the cartoon sheets from your child’s bed and replace them with adult-appropriate sheets. Brushed cotton sheets with a basic holiday themed pattern will help your guests forget they are in a child’s room and keep them warm through the cold winter nights.
  2. Evaluate the room for any hazards that could ruin your guest’s experience. Tidy up the room and remove any toys lifting rugs, bright night-lights that might possibly aggravate an already restless guest.
  3. If possible, clear out a dedicated drawer or closet space so your guests have a place to store their belonging. You are not trying to drastically change the feel of the room, rather make it liveable and comfortable.

If the Family Room Is Your Only Space

This happens every year! You invite too many people, and your family room is the last viable space for your guests. Fret not; it won’t take much to turn this into a functional sleep space.

  1. Things to consider: family rooms tend to be larger than bedrooms and require much more heating. Don’t neglect your guests; provide them with enough sheets, comforters, and blankets to stay warm through the night. It also doesn’t hurt to turn the heat up just a notch.
  2. Everyone has a cell phone, laptop, tablet that they rely on. Be conscious of this and unplug the DVD player you never use and attach a long extension cord with enough plugs to keep the technology charged and your guests happy.
  3. Sleeping arrangement: If a pull out couch is your only option, make sure the mattress isn’t worn or soiled. Lay down fresh sheets and sprinkle some baking soda with lavender to remove any lingering odours. Vacuum it all up after a couple of hours. Alternatively, inflatable beds are also becoming less and less expensive. If you decide to go this route, make sure the bed is inflated fully and dressed before your guests arrive; they might want to lie down after a long ride.
  4. Finally, privacy might be a real concern. Folding oriental screens offer a simple solution. Easily assembled and stored afterward, folding screens are functional and an elegant form of décor.

You are a brave soul for entertaining large groups of friends and family year after year! It never gets easier but hopefully these few tips might lessen the load on your already burdened mind. We recognize your commitment to your family and we want to help you realize that commitment. From everyone at BrandSource, Happy Holidays and enjoy the rest!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert