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How to Deep Clean Your Bed in 5 Steps

by Angela

Deep Clean Your Bed in 5 Steps

Cleaning your bed does not have to be the toughest chore on the list. Although some items composing your bed should be washed weekly, other pieces can use a clean on a varying schedule. When you strip down your bed, you should have sheets and pillow cases, mattress protector, comforter or duvet, throw pillows and shams, and, of course, the mattress itself.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these products on their own, but remember to always read the label for the manufacturer’s suggested product care.

1) Sheets and Pillow Cases

As these are the items that are closest to our bodies and therefore more likely to be soiled, they should be washed on a weekly basis. To reduce your chore list, consider a backup set or two in your closet, and wash them at a later time.

Although there are soaps that work best in cold water, always wash these in hot water to remove all traces of allergens. Place them in your dryer in the gentle cycle with a couple of tennis balls to keep them from clumping and tumbling smoothly in the machine.

2) Mattress Protector

These are the workhorses of your bedding. The best quality ones that promise allergen protection and stain resistance can be washed every 2 or 3 months. Consider every change of season to help you remember your schedule. Of course, reading the label for the manufacturer’s washing instructions should always be considered. Most can be washed in warm water and tumble dried.

If you don't have a mattress protector, you should seriously consider buying one. Check out our buying guide here for things you should know when shopping for one.

Cleaning Your Duvet and Comforter

3) Duvets or Comforters

Sticking to the same schedule as you did for your mattress protectors, clean your duvets or comforters seasonally. Most of them can easily fit into your standard washing machine but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to protect your investment.

Depending on their usage and materials, some comforters may require an industrial machine wash. For information on how to clean duvets and comforters, read our previous blog, How to Wash Duvets and Comforters.

4) Pillows

Two at a time, these can be easily washed and whitened in a regular washing machine on a monthly or seasonal basis depending on their usage. Throwing in the pillow protector with your sheets weekly wash will add extra cleanliness. Feather, down, or polyester-filled wash well in a standard machine while moulded pillows should be vacuumed regularly.

For more tips, refer to our blog “How to Wash Pillows”. If you own a Tempur-Pedic pillow, this is how you should clean it Tempur-Pedic Pillow Care.

5) Mattress

Finally, the cleaning of your bed wouldn’t be complete without cleaning the mattress. While your sheets and mattress protector are in the wash, sprinkle baking soda with a sieve all over the mattress surface. Let sit for an hour, then vacuum. Take the time to rotate your mattress to reduce body impressions, and clean your headboard and footboard as well as your bed frame.

For more information about how to care for your mattress, read our previous blog How to Clean and Care for Your Mattress.

Now that you know how to take care of your sleep system, let’s get cleaning!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert