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    Sleeping When a Cold Has Got You Down

    by BrandSource Canada

    It’s the time of year when people typically get caught by the common cold. Although not specific to the cold weather, summer colds can be equally brutal. Do you ever wonder why cold symptoms always seem to get worse in the evening?Why is it that when you need your restorative sleep, the runny nose, headache, and cough appear intensified?

    What happens to your body when you are suffering from a cold is an all-inclusive event. All systems are working hard at removing the virus from your body and that can be exhausting on our body. If you are not resting, that is still going off to work, then your body is working that much harder.

    Our metabolism typically slows down by the end of the day so that is another reason why colds appear worse at night. So, all that said, how do we get a good night’s sleep? Try some of these tips to help you shorten the duration of your cold and get some good restorative snooze time.

    1) Make sure that you always have an extra supply of fluffy pillows in your closet. It is important that gravity works with you and allow your sinuses to drain. When lying down, post-nasal drip can accumulate in your throat causing irritation forcing you to cough. There goes your sleep.

    Humidifier to help with a cold

    2) A humidifier is essential during the winter months but even more so when you have a cold. A properly hydrated bedroom will help moisturize your air passages reducing the chance of coughing.

    3) Before bedtime a hot tea or soup will open up your sinuses, even if for a little while but enough to get you to fall asleep.

    4) A hot shower before bed will help relax your achy body and the steam will open up the sinuses nicely.

    Washing your hands when you have a cold

    5) Besides making sure that you wash your hands often to reduce the duration of your cold, cleaning common areas and items such as doorknobs and faucets is key to keep the virus from spreading.

    6) Washing your bedsheets more often is also key to cutting your sick time to a minimum. Having a good supply of bedsheets is ideal for these occasions. Sleeping on a fresh pillow case every night and changing your sheets every day or every other day, will shorten the duration of you cold.

    7) If you can stay home to get through your cold, get as much as rest as you can. That might mean napping throughout the day if you are not sleeping well at night. Either way, make sure you have plenty of pillows, a comfortable bed to relax your achy muscles and a warm blanket or duvet to keep you comfortable when the chills get you shaking.

    Final words: your bedroom becomes more of an oasis when you are sick. You never want to leave the comfort of your bed. As you will tend to spend more time there, make it as comfortable and cheery as possible. When all else fails and your cold keeps you from your bed, use a comfy chair, a cup of tea and a good book.

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    Angela, Your Sleep Expert