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Nothing Says I Love You Better Than an Adjustable Bed

by Gerry

Nothing Says I Love You Better Than an Adjustable Bed

As far as my memory goes, there have been “his and hers” towels, sinks, bathrooms, razors, hair products, colognes, and so much more. So here we are in this 21st century and so much has changed, but has it really?

Although couples enjoy being close and doing things together, we are suddenly talking about adjustable beds so that they can choose to do things differently, and slightly apart – including sleep!

Not everyone sleeps the same way, appreciates the same kind of comfort, firmness, or softness in a mattress, so what should couples do? I enjoy placing a pillow under my knees when they get very achy, but my partner enjoys sleeping with several pillows under her head to ease snoring and sinus congestion. Thanks to technology and innovation in the sleep industry, our couple can now enjoy unique sleep needs separately, but still enjoy the closeness with an adjustable bed.

Let's take a closer look at how an adjustable bed works and why we fell in love with ours.

1) With a queen or king-sized frame, two twin or twin XL mattresses can be attached together yet still function independently of one another giving each sleeper a preferred sleeping position.

2) Each mattress will be fitted with its own sheet although a comforter, bedspread or duvet would cover the entire surface of the queen or king-sized base. Yes, I needed to restock my linen closet, but it was well worth the extra expense while I repurposed my old sheets!

3) Each mattress has its own remote control to easily and quickly make adjustments for the specific need or preference for that night. Although I like my knees raised when they are bothersome, I also enjoy my upper body raised slightly to read and gently fall asleep. Imagine, my every wish and desire for the perfect sleep at my fingertips!

4) The headboard and footboard are still from our original bedroom furniture, so that was a huge plus when we decided to go adjustable. No one would ever know that we sleep on an adjustable bed once the bed is all made up!

5) We always purchased mattresses that had the best support and comfort levels and we thought we enjoyed a great sleep. Now that we sleep on an adjustable bed, I ask myself, “what were we thinking?” There is truly no other way to sleep than with a mattress that is designed for your specific needs and preferences which can be different from one night to the next. The added bonus is that they are built for two so we both enjoy our separate perks.

6) Waking up refreshed with no achiness on any joint or body part that may have been pinched for seven hours is indeed a game changer. We both noticed how less sleep deprived we looked and realized that we may not have been getting the best sleep all those years on the “best” mattresses.

My wife and I now sleep an average of seven hours each day and get the restorative sleep we need every time. Feeling cradled in an adjustable bed, like a baby in their parent’s arms, creates a sensation of lightness and total relaxation as every body part is supported, every muscle relaxed, and your heart and lungs are never restricted.

See all the advantages of an adjustable bed in action in this video from Tempur-Pedic

Hoping you will get to enjoy the perfect sleep experience too like my wife and I have since we bought our new adjustable bed.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert