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Night Cap, Anyone?

by BrandSource Canada

Sleep Aid - Hot Beverages

We are constantly looking for ways to live healthier, sleep better, and improve our overall quality of life; but sometimes, it’s just not easy. With so many online forums, some contradicting each other, the truth is, it has never been harder to find that perfect formula.

As for me, I appreciate simple and honest life hacks that have proven positive effects. Night caps, for example typically refer to alcoholic beverages just before sleep. Some like their sips of warmed brandy but the reality is, that doesn’t always bring on restful sleep.

If you have made this a regular routine throughout the years, but now you notice that you struggle with sleep, perhaps it’s time that you adopt a new bedtime habit. Change up your routine and go herbal; herbal tea that is! Our bodies are conditioned to detox the liver while we sleep, so why not help the process along.

Follow as we list 4 of the top warm de-caffeinated beverages that can help detox your liver and burn fat throughout the night.


Peppermint team

Peppermint has been used for centuries for its unique benefits for proper digestion, relief from nausea, headache relief as well as an aromatic in products like toothpaste. From Cleopatra’s Egypt to Native American cultures, apothecaries all around the world have realized the healing properties of mint.

Mint secretes essential oils such as menthol which encourages digestion, as well as calming a cough due to cold. Moreover, Peppermint has cooling properties that can help relax the body while lowering its core temperature in times of fever making it a perfect drink before bed.


Chamomille Tea

Here is another herb that has been used for centuries thanks to its calming properties. The Chamomile flower has a nervine action on the body, which means that it can be used to calm your nervous system, helping you fall asleep quicker. Its bitter taste is due to its sesquiterpene lactone properties, which work to detox the liver when ingested. Not only is chamomile a great relaxant, but it is also an anti-inflammatory. Adding a squeeze of lemon and a few drops of honey will make this one of your favourites before too long.

Warm Lemon Water

Warm Lemon Water

Perfect drink for anytime of the day or night, lemon water can purge toxins from the body. With the bonus of Vitamin C, warm lemon water at bedtime will infuse the digestive track with immune-fighting properties picking up any potential infections in the blood and flush them out. Although typically a tart drink, adding a few small drips of honey and a mint leaf with make for a very enjoyable choice before bedtime.

Rose Tea

Rose Tea

Made from actual tiny dehydrated rose buds or mature rose petals, rose tea is filled with antioxidant properties. Studies have shown its unique properties for calming menstrual cramps, as well as helping with cardiovascular diseases due to the rich polyphenol content in roses.

Besides its fragrant and fruity qualities, it also contains Vitamin C which is a great alternative when feeling a cold or flu-like symptoms creeping up. Moreover, it also contains stress relieving properties which makes it a great bed-time drink with a drip or two of honey.

What used to work for you at bedtime in your 20s might no longer carry the same benefits in your mid-life. Consider adapting to the natural changes occurring in your body and give some of these a try, for at least several nights in a row.

The benefits of fat loss or reduction of cardio-vascular disease may not be immediate, but knowing that you are giving your body every chance to keep working optimally for you should be satisfaction enough. With a healthy diet and practices and great sleep hygiene, you will certainly reap the rewards.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert