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What’s on Top of Your Mattress

by BrandSource Canada

In the 1960s the water bed constructed of vinyl became a new phenomenon in sleep. In the 1970s, using the same vinyl created for the water bed, the air bed came to be, and everyone wanted one. In the 1990s, more sleep space was introduced and the queen size bed flew off the shelves.

In the 21st century, the sleep industry has been exponentially innovative in design, technology, comfort and support. These requirements and specifications have now become the foundation from which a mattress is designed. The sleep industry is now focused on what the consumer needs for the best sleep experience for their health and well-being. The days of fads and fashion in sleep are out, but a variety of choices that feel like you own a custom-made mattress is in!

Although flip-able mattresses are still available, a new design has come to be that only requires a regular switch from head to foot and foot to head: no flipping to the opposite side required. These are called pillow top mattresses. As the word suggests, the top of the mattress has an extra layer of fabric with cloud-like filling for added comfort, and support. Movements from a partner are also greatly reduced allowing for a more restful and undisturbed sleep. The extra cushioning adds support where you need it and prevents any discomfort on pressure points. It will also leave the impression that the mattress is larger.

In particular, there are 3 main types of pillow tops that will attract a variety of consumers with specific comfort and support requirements.

Pillow Top Mattress

Sealy Aspire Pillow Top Mattress

The Pillow Top at a glance looks like an extra layer of soft padding that appears to be floating above the mattress as it is stitched approximately 3 inches from the outer edges. This will also give the impression that it is a much larger mattress because of the height but will require fitted sheets with deep pockets up to 20 inches.

The benefits of the pillow top mattress compared to a regular mattress include added comfort and better support from that extra layer of foam fibers and the sensation that you are floating above the mattress. Over time however, the edges might curl up and the pillow top may flatten.

Euro Top Mattress

Sealy Proback Euro-top mattress

The Pillow Top and Euro Top are very similar in comfort and support but some Euro Tops manufacturers add a thicker and fluffier fill for an even more luxurious sleep. The main difference between these two, however, is that the Euro Top is stitched right to the edge giving a more uniform look to the mattress, rather than the appearance of the extra padding floating above the mattress. The Euro Top mattress tends to be more durable as it retains its shape better over a long period of time.

Tight Top Mattress

Sealy Aspire Tight Top Mattress

The Tight Top like the Euro Top is stitched right into the edge of the mattress giving a clean sharp appearance. Depending on the quilting and filling, they can range from firm to plush but without the pillowy-feel. Like the Euro Top, the Tight Top mattress delivers edge-to-edge support so anywhere you move on the mattress, you will get the same comfort and support. You can sleep comfortably anywhere on the mattress surface without the sensation that you are about to roll off the edge.

Finding your perfect sleep surface is something that BrandSource prides itself on. Let us help you make this life altering decision!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

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