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What Might Cause a Washer to Vibrate?

by BrandSource Canada

Vibrating Washer

Washing clothes, bedding, shoes, towels in the washing machine and doing laundry seems to be a part of every one of our day to day lives. Many families report washing several loads of laundry a week in their washing machine, and even single individuals end up using the washing machine on a frequent basis. This goes to show that the washing machine is a very useful appliance within the home.

When the washing machine works perfectly with no problems as far as the eye can see, nothing could be better, we can wash our laundry in peace and feel accomplished when everything is clean and laundered! But the reality is that sooner or later, there comes the day when the washing machine starts to exhibit some problems.

When the washing machine starts to have problems and vibrate, we start to have problems of our own, problems that arise from our annoying washing machine. The truth is that we don't want to struggle with the irritating stress of a vibrating washing machine, but alas, we must.

Have you ever put a load of clothes in the washing machine only to see and hear it vibrate a few minutes after the load has started? Sometimes the vibrating starts off slowly and quietly but then starts to roar and move in a way that is amazing to anyone that is watching. A vibrating washing machine is actually a pretty common occurrence and can be avoided by following a few tried and true techniques proven to stop the vibrating for good.

A vibrating washer is usually caused by one of three different reasons. These three reasons include when the washer is loaded with uneven items, when the washer has an improper level, and when the washer is on a floor that is somewhat unstable. Each of these different things can cause a washer to vibrate but thankfully, all three of these things can be prevented with easy and quick tricks.

Reason #1 : Your washer is loaded unevenly

The first of these reasons for a washing machine to vibrate is when the washer is loaded unevenly. Uneven items mean filling the washer with heavy or thick items such as rugs, shoes, big towels, thick blankets, comforters, and pillows. When the washing machine has an uneven load with heavy and bulky items inside, it will usually vibrate to the point that it will need to be turned off.

To prevent uneven loads, try to position any heavy or thick items you are washing so that it covers the washer interior evenly. And, never try to overload a washer when washing heavy or thick items. While it may seem ridiculous to just wash one pillow, it is necessary in order to keep the washing machine from vibrating.

Loading a washer evenly

Reason #2 : Your washer is not properly leveled

The second reason why a washer might vibrate is when the machine has not been properly leveled at the installation. An improper washing machine level can be prevented by checking the bottom of the washer to ensure that all four corners are leveled properly and if they aren't, fixing that problem immediately by calling a specialist.

The leveling process of a washer is shown in this video by GE Appliances.

Reason #3 : The floor under your washer is uneven

Lastly, the third reason why a washer might vibrate is when the floor that the washer is situated on is somewhat uneven surface. This problem can easily be remedied by placing a washer pad or even an old towel underneath the washer to ensure the surface is even.

Those are the three main reasons why a washing machine might vibrate. Follow this advice and you will never have to deal with the shaking, rumbling, and wildly vibrating washing machine ever again.

Isabelle, Your BrandSource Appliance Expert