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Induction Introduction: the Surprising Ways Induction Will Revolutionize Your Cooking

by BrandSource Canada

While it’s been on the market for a while, induction cooking is really starting to gain more attention.  And it’s for good reason! Why you ask? Let me count the ways and give you a proper introduction to induction and the surprising ways it will revolutionize your cooking.

First, a brief history according to Wikipedia:

First patents date from the early 1900s. Demonstration stoves were shown by the Frigidaire division of General Motors in the mid-1950s on a touring GM showcase in North America. The induction cooker was shown heating a pot of water with a newspaper placed between the stove and the pot, to demonstrate the convenience and safety. This unit, however, was never put into production.”

Fast forward to the late 80’s when a few more manufacturers started to dive into induction production, and finally to today where induction is still a small portion of the market, but is on a big trend upwards which the NY Times commented on 2010, noting almost a quarter of households were looking at induction for their next appliance purchase.

Looking for a 101 on Induction? Check out our helpful video below.

Why is induction trending & how will it revolutionize your cooking?

Same Control, More Power, Less Power Consumption

While we know many gas cooking lovers will cite its precise temperature controls and high heat power, it may come as a surprise that induction lovers can equally say the same with an added bonus.  Not only do induction cooktops generate the same, if not more power than their gas counterpart, they have the added bonus of doing so at a fraction of the power usage making induction a great choice for the environment and for your kitchen.

Safe & Easy to Clean

Induction Cleaning

Because induction works by transferring the heat directly to your cooking pot or pan, rather than to the actual surface, it doesn’t get hot, or barely even warm.  This means little hands (and big ones!) are safe from burns, and it also means any spills, drips, and overflow don’t end up as cooked on messes -  making cleaning up a breeze.

Easy to Use, Install, Clean, and Access

Due to of its slim nature and simple electrical requirements, induction units are easily installed.  Also because they’re so slim they sit virtually flush with the countertop giving you great storage below or offering up the ease of accessibility for those in wheelchairs or other needs requiring under counter access as well as over arm reach.   And as I mentioned above, because they don’t heat up they clean up in a simple damp wipe.

Lots of Options

Many brands now offer induction in many different configurations, slide-in ranges, free-standing ranges, and the slim cooktops mentioned above.

Exceptional heat control & performance power

I mentioned it above, but it’s worth mentioning again:  The exceptional heat control and the lightning speed heat is generated at give your kitchen super powers you never thought possible.  Imagine boiling water in under minutes.  Imagine melting chocolate but not burning it because you have such precise temperature control.  Imagine the possibilities!

Induction Cooking Demo

Check out the Freedom Induction Cooktop by Thermador.  This range, introduced in 2012, is the first full-surface induction appliance with the flexibility of a natural-mapping user interface that intelligently recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries.  Meaning, you can literally place your cookware anywhere on the surface and get the job done.  Not surprisingly, this recent innovation has won oodles of awards.

In addition to Thermador, brands such as Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Samsung, Bosch, and GE all offer an induction option. To learn more about the science of induction, check out this article from CNET and watch this helpful video on the difference between gas and induction.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert