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Preventing Scratches on Glass Cooktops

by BrandSource Canada

Glass cooktops look chic, elegant, and beautiful. They add a contemporary element to any kitchen and also look great when paired with a multitude of different decor options such as trendy ventilation.

For the most part, they are fairly easy to clean but they are also easily scratched. Even when cooking on them, they frequently accumulate scratches from all types of kitchen utensils or from certain abrasive cleaning products.

If you own a glass cooktop, then you know just how irritating it is for it to be all scratched up. When it comes to glass cooktops, the secret is not to get rid of scratches after the fact but prevent scratches from ever occurring in the first place.

Glass cooktops can be scratched by a variety of different kitchen utensils as well as abrasive cleaning products, so if you have one in your home, it is especially important how you take care of it at all times including when you cook on it and when you clean it.

While cleaning your glass cooktop is helpful in order to maintain a great shine and cleanliness quality, there is still an element of a light hand when it comes to cleaning it in order to preserve its beauty and to prevent any scratches from occurring.

Whirlpool_Range with Glass Cooktop

The first step in preventing scratches on glass cooktops is to always wipe it down as soon as it gets any food or stains on it. The reality is that stains can set in making them more difficult to clean, so if you clean the stains right away before they can set, you are able to use a lighter hand and not scratch the cooktop.

When cleaning off spills, make sure that you use a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is soft without any sharp edges or rough material covering the cloth. Just as a kitchen utensil can scratch a glass cooktop, so can a rough dishcloth.

The second tip is to always remember to lift pots and pans from the cooktop surface without dragging them. Pots and pans dragging on the cooktop have a tendency to leave deep scratches that are then almost impossible to remove. It is also advisable to clean the bottoms of all the pots and pans you are using before setting them on your glass cooktop. Cleaning pots and pans beforehand will remove any food particles stuck to the bottom that could inevitably damage and scratch your cooktop. Another trick is to never place aluminum foil or any other kitchen tool or utensil on the cooktop directly.

Lastly, it is vital to wipe your cooktop after every time you use it to clean off topical stains and spills. Again, only use a damp soft cloth to wipe down your glass cooktop for wonderful sparkling results with no scratches. If you need to use a cleaner, only use a cleaner specifically made for glass cooktops. These tried and true techniques will be your saving grace in maintaining a beautiful glass cooktop with no scratches whatsoever!

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert