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    Snoring Solutions

    by BrandSource Canada

    The well of ideas has dried up, and you have nowhere else to turn. Gadget after gadget, nothing can help your persistent, loud snoring. The anti-snoring chin strap offered no relief, and those uncomfortable nose strips left you with skin irritation. The mouth guards made you gag, and throat sprays left an awful taste in your mouth all night long.You listened to your doctor and lost weight! You’re avoiding alcohol altogether and you, without fail, practice good sleep hygiene. What else can a person do to get a little relief around here?! Simple, change your pillow.

    Many times, the cause of a snoring problem stems from worn out and dusty pillows. Pillows that do not support your head and neck and those made from inappropriate materials that don’t promote good breathing are typically the culprits.

    A great pillow should offer even support on every pressure point on your head, neck, and shoulders. These pressure points should all be aligned if you ever want to achieve restful sleep.

    The best pillows for individuals who suffer from breathing issues are those made of hypo-allergenic materials and offer anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial features. A polyester blend typically offers the best comfort and meet the highest health standards in the business.

    Look for pillows with an easy to remove pillowcase that is machine washable. Sweat and hair follicles build up to an uncomfortable and unhealthy level after even two weeks if you are not regularly washing your pillows. So be warned.

    Throughout your search for the pillow of your dreams, be focused on shape and size. Pillows that encourage good breathing have a butterfly shape so as to elevate your neck to a 40-degree angle. The added elevation follows the natural curve of your neck and cervical joints. This repositioning of your head will draw tension out of your neck and spine, relaxing your shoulders ultimately helping you breath better.

    Tempur Pedic Neck Pillow (2)

    One of my favorite neck supporting, shoulder aligning, and breathing promoting pillows is the Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow. Available in a medium and large size, this is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to try something new at a reasonable price.

    Now say Bye Bye to your old pillow and Welcome a brand new one for a good night’s sleep at last!

    Angela, Your Sleep Expert